Get the Right Team Around You

Do you want to do big things for God?
Do you want to make a difference in your community?
Do you want to see lives changed?

Whether you are in ministry or the marketplace, God gave you a dream because He wants to complete it.

You can’t do it alone. You need the right team around you to help you accomplish the vision TOGETHER.

I love to read books on leadership, but the book I like most is the Bible. When I think about getting the right team around me, I look at the team Jesus put together…

  • Jesus had to tell Peter, “Get behind me, Satan” because Peter was in opposition to His mission.
  • Jesus had to heal an ear because Peter tried to take the guy’s head off.
  • Jesus knew His entire team would fall away from Him when the Jewish nation put Him to death.
  • He knew Peter would deny Him on three separate occasions.
  • Jesus had to correct two brothers for fighting over who was the greatest.
  • Thomas doubted that Jesus succeeded at His mission.
  • Judas, a close confidant and friend, sold Him out.
  • His team couldn’t even stay awake for an hour of prayer right before Jesus was to face the punishment and torment of the sin of the human race.
  • They doubted, they contradicted, they were weak, they fell away, they betrayed.

I think Jesus may have even rolled His eyes when He had to come behind the team to do what they couldn’t do and free a boy from a spirit.[1] Seriously, look at what Jesus said, ““O faithless generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I bear with you? Bring him to Me.”

Through all the ups and downs, Jesus accomplished His mission, and He did it through imperfect people. Here’s what I love about the disciples…

  • Even though they failed, they got back up again.
  • They continued with the mission, even after being beaten and threatened.
  • They did what Jesus did, the way He demonstrated the ministry.
  • Most of them were martyred for the mission.
  • They received His forgiveness.
  • They received His mercy.
  • They received His grace.
  • They received the Holy Spirit and power.
  • They were said to have “turned the world upside down.”

Let’s look at one more example of getting the right team around you. In the Old Testament we read about what King David accomplished with 400 men who were described as being in debt, distressed and discontent.[2] Why did David choose them? Because they were where he was – and they caught his vision, and they put their life on the line for him. As a leader, especially those leaders in ministry, have you ever chosen someone because they were the only volunteers you had? You couldn’t afford to hire a team, but God gave you people who were willing to go to work for free. Maybe you chose someone because God showed you their potential so you took a chance. Maybe you have been let down, abandoned, betrayed, discouraged or embarrassed by a team member. Know this: even though our team is supposed to represent us, our vision and our values; when a team messes up, that team does not define us or the God we serve. What defines us is how we keep getting back up. We keep receiving His grace. We keep true to the dream God gave us.

Look, I don’t want to dismiss good principles of team building by pointing out the flawed team that Jesus intentionally chose, but I do want to encourage you that God does some of His best work through imperfect people.

So, what is the “right” team? There is wisdom in choosing team members that have education, training, skills, character and experience. It is a blessing to have people that have your heart… and your back. But don’t forget, Jesus wouldn’t have gone to the cross without Judas, and David may never have gotten to the throne without His mighty men. Even if you have been burned in the past by someone’s disloyalty, don’t close up your heart and turn your back on potential.

In a world that logical, competitive and controlling, God often decides to call what is weak, to choose what is foolish and to anoint what is simple.[3] God did this so the world would see Him at work. He chose a stutterer to be His mouthpiece. He called an old man to start His chosen nation. He chose a young boy to kill a giant enemy…and He chose you, imperfect you. And He chose me, imperfect me. Remember, the kingdom of God doesn’t operate the way the kingdom of the world operates. Use wisdom and knowledge in choosing a team, but don’t forget to also be led by the Holy Spirit.

One last thought, God is your supply. Matthias was Judas’ replacement. He was supplied and chosen by God for the position. If and when a team member fails or leaves you, God will fill the void. We need to call out on Him, “God you are my supply.” God excels at filling needs. Look to God for forming and reforming your team. Whoever He chooses will be just right for you in the season you are in. We should use wisdom, but we also should never replace the leading of the Holy Spirit with our way of doing things. Pursue God; He will never let you down.

[1] Mark 9:19

[2] 1 Samuel 22:2

[3] 1 Corinthians 1

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How Do I Know If My Child is Ready for Water Baptism?

Children typically trust God’s love for them and want to do something to show God the love they reciprocate for Him. When boys and girls hear the Gospel taught, they usually simply receive it and want to obey it.

There is no set age for when a child is ready for water baptism; however, the following are aspects to consider:

  1. The child can tell you in his or her own words about his or her personal salvation experience.
  2. The child can tell you in his or her own words what water baptism represents as an outward symbol of the inward new birth.
  3. The child understands the symbol is not salvation itself.
  4. The child is asking to be water baptized and is certain it is what he or she wants to do.
  5. The child is has put their head under the water before and is not afraid of the water.
  6. The parent or guardian has prayed about it and is confident the child is spiritually ready.
  7. The child has talked with a teacher or church leader, and the teacher/leader agrees the child is ready.

With all that being said, there is no harm in being water baptized. Also, just because a child is water baptized at a young age doesn’t mean he or she might not want to do it again when they have more of an understanding. Children are often sensitive to the Holy Spirit, sensing taking action is what they want to do with the truth they’ve heard. Why would we discourage that? Children don’t have to have a deep understanding of all the details before they can respond to God’s love. The Gospel is simple, and all it takes is the faith of a child to rely on God for what He says He will do.

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Not Even The Smell of Smoke

By Melanie Stone

This past year the Lord showed me that He was allowing my husband and I and our ministry to go through a time of testing. He compared it to the fiery furnace the Hebrew men endured in the book of Daniel, assuring me that we would not be consumed and we would walk out not even smelling of smoke. The purpose for the testing was to prepare us and the ministry for a real outpouring of His life and glory.

In 1 Peter 4:14 trials are described as fiery. When we go through a fiery trials, the purpose is to refine us. Wild fires will cleanse a forest floor and make way for new life to emerge. Blacksmiths use fire for metal to remove impurities and strengthen the product. Since fire is used in context of testing, we can expect a test to do these things:

  1. To remove what is dead
  2. To remove what is impure
  3. To start new life
  4. To make us stronger

Life has been good for my husband and I, filled with activity to advance ministry through Grow Churches and Freedom House Church. We’ve experienced personal breakthroughs and provision in areas of health and finance while enjoying family and new opportunities. For the most part, life has been good. However, over the past year, and again recently, Jerry and I have endured false allegations, betrayal, abandonment and loss.

I’ve cried many tears, doing my best to help this handful of people understand the truth, only to find myself making things worse or to be ignored. While shedding some tears, the Lord said to me, “You don’t mourn when a seed is planted into the soil. You are expectant for the plant to grow. In the same way, don’t mourn the end of yourself, instead expect my life to burst through your life and ministry.”

In prayer with some of our team, I saw a vision of hands releasing their grip from a bar, and I heard the Lord say, “Though many have removed their hand from your ministry, I have not removed Mine.” Then I saw a larger hand on the other side of the bar in a tight grip. After some of the team left, a song came up in me from years ago. The Holy Spirit prompted me to find it and play it. I was familiar with the chorus of the song, but when the second verse was sung, the Holy Spirit confirm what I had heard in prayer, “If you call us to the fire, You will not withdraw Your hand. We’ll gaze into the flames and look for You.” His Presence flooded my heart as He loved on me.

Let me tell you, if God leads you into a test, His aim is not for you to fail. His goal is not for you to be consumed. His intention is that you come through unharmed! His hope is that you are better, stronger and ready for what He has prepared for what you are about to do next. Being broken before God is a good thing when we surrender to the breaking. Once broken, like the shell of a seed, God wants to burst through with His life, His plan and His anointing.

Knowing this, engulfed in the pressure of the trial, I wiped my eyes and searched for the Lord. I saw Him, I heard Him and I ran into the arms of my Abba Father. We can do nothing without Him. I regularly spend time with God, but through difficulty, I find communion with Him is the only thing keeping me going. His Presence becomes everything that I need, the only thing I want. It’s in these moments in the Spirit that new life breaks through – new vision, new impartations, new anointing. The desperation causes us to let go of something we had in order to give God what He wants. What I have cherished in the past is nothing compared to what God has in store for what’s next. When we go to a deeper level of surrender, God is able to take us into a higher level of His glory. Even the Son of God went through death in order to experience resurrection life. What does God want to raise up in you? Are you willing to unite with Christ by going through dying to yourself in the fire?

Speak to your situation, “New beginnings, come forth, break like the dawn.” I saw another vision. From the ground I looked up and from underneath the leaves of a plant I saw multiple seeds hanging down. God said, “This is the reason for your dying. For the multiplication of seeds. This is how it works,” He said.

In the spirit, when we allow ourselves to be buried, God’s rain falls on us. It opens the seed, it causes germination, it causes growth, it causes fruit, it creates more seed for more harvest. Just be willing to go through the process of being useful to the Lord of the Harvest, the King of the Kingdom, the Head of the Church body, the Lover of the Bride. He is yours. You are His. This is when true freedom is released, where bondages are broken and His glory is seen and received, saturating us so God can have His way. We have to learn to give way, to bend, so God can flow through, sweeping through us individually and as a group with waves of glory. This is needed on the earth now, not something to wait for when we get to heaven. Now!

How to Go Through The Fire and Not Smell Like Smoke

  1. With joy for the prepared needed  (James 1:2-5)
  2. With love for the opposition (Luke 22:48)
  3. With faith for the breakthrough (Daniel 3:17)

Like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, you can go through the fire, find freedom and walk out without even a trace of what you went through. Not only is Christ FOR us in our trial, Jesus puts Himself right IN the fire with us. Though you are dying to self, you are not BY yourself. Your loving Lord doesn’t leave you alone. He is he One who allows the test, brings us through the test and we don’t even smell like smoke!

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Do You Love Me?

In John 6, many followers had left Jesus. Not everyone thinks about how a leader feels when followers decide to pull away or pull others away from their leadership. Leaders are called to serve – they sacrifice, they invest, they care. How did Jesus feel when people chose to reject His leadership? Even His twelve were complaining about His teaching. We see in verse 67 Him turning to His closest twelve, asking, “You do not want to leave too, do you?” When they reaffirmed their commitment to Him, He revealed knowing one of the ones HE CHOSE would betray Him. He wasn’t blaming Himself for His choices – men that complained, doubted, criticized, abandoned and even betrayed Him. He put the responsibility on them (Read John 6:60-71). God gives people a free will, and choices they make are often a reflection of their faith, their failures and their flaws. Jesus knew this from the beginning when He made His choice to live and to die for us.

When you say “yes” to the call of God on your life, whatever the size of your church or ministry, you can expect some measure of rejection. Someone somewhere will despise your sacrifice to serve them. Someone will criticize your teaching, doubt your vision, and leave your side. Some will even try to harm you by taking away the influence of your ministry, to pull your followers away from you, to gossip about you in the company. Know that you are in good company – that people did this to Jesus, to His disciples, to the martyrs throughout history, and to the persecuted church today.

Consider Elijah, who considered Himself to feel isolated and alone, even after the great miracle of fire coming down from heaven and defeating Baal. Jezebel was even more aroused to kill him and the prophets. He feared her. He feared the people would follow her. But God spoke to Elijah, He put His fire into Elijah, He caused Elijah to rise up and fulfill his destiny. Today, Elijah is with the Lord, and those days are long past him. We have to have eternity in mind and choose to serve God today. Our light afflictions will soon pass away in the light of His glory. We have to lift our eyes off this temporary, imperfect, fallen world and look to Jesus. Jesus is grateful for you and appreciates your sacrifice. Jesus is supporting the vision God gave you. Jesus is the message you preach. Jesus said, “I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU. I WILL NEVER FORSAKE YOU.” Hebrews 13:5

Leader, please don’t blame yourself for choosing to surround yourself with imperfect people who may complain, criticize, doubt, abandon or even betray you. Don’t beat yourself when even your team members turn your back on you and walk out the door. People make their own choices.

Leader, you aren’t perfect. Maybe you said or did something you shouldn’t have said or done. Maybe you didn’t say or do something you should have said or done. Maybe you were human and maybe you showed frustration or anger. Maybe you made a mistake and everyone saw your failure. Maybe you made a wrong choice and everyone saw your sin.
There was a group that followed Jesus because they loved Him. Peter loved Jesus. When Peter saw Jesus on the shore, He threw off His garment and dove in the water, swimming to get near Him again. Peter preached to crowds of thousands, leading them to Christ. Peter was the spearhead for Christianity in Jerusalem, defying the threats of the religious hierarchy of His own people, proclaiming a kingdom while living under Roman rule. He endured beatings and whippings, imprisonment and death. He kept preaching. He kept healing, asking for signs and wonders. He kept taking authority over the enemy until the day he underwent his own crucifixion. Peter was known among the pioneers who “turned the word upside down.” Yet Peter was also one of the closest to Jesus who denied Him three times. He was the one who attempted to kill a soldier in the garden. He was the one who even after experiencing the wonder of walking on water, to put his eyes on the storm and sink. He was the one who resisted Jesus’ purpose of coming and dying – Jesus saying, “Get behind Me, Satan.” Jesus didn’t give up on Peter. Before He left, Jesus commissioned Peter, but not only with marching orders. He gave Peter motivation when He asked Him, “Peter, do you LOVE ME? Then feed My sheep.”

Leader, don’t compromise your message.
Leader, don’t sell out your vision.
Leader, don’t fear your provision or your future.
Leader, don’t grow weary, don’t quit.

Leader, keep your eyes on Jesus. His is Your Master.Go where He sends you. Obey Him, whether your mission is to large masses or the one homeless person on the street. Your reward isn’t popularity; your reward is fulfilling the purpose of the One you love, the One who died in your place.

Know if they reject you, they are rejecting the Christ that sent you to them. Like the Lord said to encourage Elijah, you are not alone. That spirit of Jezebel is not greater than the God you serve.

The Lord has need of you. He values your sacrifice that know one else knows about. He feels your anguish, your frustration, your despair. He knows your imperfections and failures. Like Peter, He chose you anyway. You don’t have to carry the load and weight of other people’s responsibility.

Get up on the mountain (in the spirit), find yourself in the embrace of the Lord who holds you with nail scarred hands. Allow yourself to be loved by Him again, shedding any guilt or shame of your insufficiency. Experience His grace upon grace upon grace for yourself, for your ministry, for the people you serve. Respond to Him with an open heart of love, hiding nothing, holding nothing back. Be exposed, be vulnerable, and be strengthened by the love you share. Like Peter, see Him, shed your tunic and dive in after Jesus. Life is short. Choose again to die to self and live for Him.

Psalm 126:6 He who continually goes forth weeping, Bearing seed for sowing, Shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, Bringing his sheaves with him.

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The Superiority of Mercy

James 2:13 Judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

Mercy is a deep compassion. It not only forgives the repentant with extravagant love, mercy brings better-than-before restoration and intimate reconciliation with the favor of a royal. Mercy is excessively lavish with what is not deserved to the one who turns back home.

If you don’t extend mercy to a repentant brother or sister with loving action, attitude, and articulation, then mercy will not be extended to you by your Father in heaven.

Greek word for triumph: “to exult over, to glory over, to boast itself to be superior, rejoice against, to boast over causing injury to the person or thing.”

Mercy trumps judgment. Whatever judgment brings as evidence to convict and condemn the repentant trespasser, mercy comes in with more authority and more power.

To ignore the authority and power of mercy is a serious crime. It is severely disrespectful of a Father of mercies, a God named “Love.” Refusing mercy is a strong defiance, positioning oneself contrary to Christ’s redemptive work on the cross, dishonoring the punishment He endured to set the humble free.

Mercy shows kindness, sensitivity and tenderness to those who have been broken, bruised and battered by their sin. Mercy is like the good Samaritan, pouring in oil and wine to heal the devastation of a life lived apart from Life, whose name is Jesus.

To come against those separated from God without an offer of hope of rescue or the message of salvation, is representative of a pharisaical spirit that comes to condemn, unlike the Savior, who came to save. It comes to fight for change instead of persuade to repent. This spirit is blind to the deeper matters of the spiritual blindness of their opponent, attempting to control behavior instead of yielding to the Spirit of God who change hearts.

Does mercy mean we can’t feel anger at injustice?
Does mercy mean we can’t speak out against wrong doing?
Does mercy mean we can’t take action to change laws?
Does mercy mean we can’t have a voice against wickedness?

Of course not.

Mercy means we don’t go into the world condemning sinners for sinning.
Mercy means our commission is to serve and save.
Mercy means understanding its is the kindness of God that draws people to repentance.
Mercy means we are careful not to break a bruised reed, or careful not to hurt hurting people.
Mercy means we are sensitive to humanity’s desperate need for grace.
Mercy means we don’t categorize people based on their job, their past or their political party.
Mercy means we consider those in need of an awareness and extension of God’s love.
Mercy means we listen before we speak, communicating the worth of those in our sphere of influence.

If our genuine, unadulterated goal is to rescue the perishing, then our message will not be void of a love that pursues, a humility that serves, a kindness that reaches, and a Gospel message that saves.

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