10 Ideas For How The Average Person Can Share Christ This Christmas


As we celebrate Jesus this Christmas, let’s realize this season is still the best time to share Him with others. Many people want to share their faith, but they aren’t sure how to take that first step. Here are ten practical ideas on how the average person can share Christ this Christmas:

  1. Recognize that choosing Christ is a choice. Don’t expect an unbeliever to love Christmas in the same way that you do. When someone says “Happy Holidays” to you, they are trying to be nice, so be careful not to make it political. Instead, it could be an open door to smile and share your faith. Perhaps you could say, “Thank you, for me Christmas is a time to celebrate my faith. Are you a Christian? If not, I would be glad to share my faith with you if you are open to hear it.” If they aren’t open, don’t debate. Instead say, “I respect your choice, I hope you enjoy the season with your family and friends.” Respect is a great way to share the love of God and could help to open a hardened heart.
  1. With the busyness of the season, talk with cashiers and service persons with joy and respect. Thank them for serving you and ask them if you can be praying for them during the busy season. Hand them a church invite card and say, “If you ever need us, we’re here for you” or “you are welcome to attend our Christmas service.”
  1. When talking with someone while you wait in line, see it as an opportunity to share your faith. One way to start a conversation is to offer to let them go ahead of you in line. Start with a respectful statement like, “I’m not sure how you believe, but I love this time of year because of what Christmas means to me…”
  1. Pay for someone else’s coffee or lunch. Let them know you want to give to others during this time of year, and hand them a church card or Christian literature.
  1. Give gifts of cookies, fruit, or cards to neighbors, co-workers, the mail carrier, teachers, fire fighters, police officers, vendors, and any acquaintances with a church invite card or Christian literature.
  1. Invite people to go to Christmas events with you – a church Christmas party, a church event, or a faith-based play, concert, or other attraction. The event could open the door for conversation about salvation.
  1. Become involved in church or community outreaches as a way to connect with people. Introduce them to Jesus and offer to pray with them. Give them a church card and invite them to church Christmas events.
  1. If you see a neighbor needing help with cutting wood, shoveling a driveway, hanging lights, or needing a ride, offer to help. It could be an opportunity to either share your faith and your reason to celebrate Christmas.
  1. If you see someone working outside (utility worker, bell ringer, construction worker) buy them a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Give it to them and say, “I hope you stay warm.” Hand it to them with a church card or a Christmas tract.
  1. There are hurting people all around us. This season can be very difficult because of grief of missing a loved one, financial concerns, work, stress, family issues, etc. Be sensitive. If someone is open, take it another step. Ask them, “Is there anything you would like for me to pray about?” Always have a church card ready to give them as a way to connect.

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