5 Things to Do During a Storm

When God sends a storm, the storm is meant to prepare you for what’s on the other side. A storm can be described as a time of difficulty that is making you ready for what’s next. I’ve been reading about Jesus’ ministry from Matthew 8. In verse 18, Jesus instructed His disciples to get to the other side of the sea. For where I am right now, preparing to plant a church in Cincinnati, I see that as moving into a new place of ministry. For you, it might be a promotion at work, an increase in effectiveness in your community, a restoration in your marriage, or an addition to your family. These new places often require a preparation, and sometimes there can be a challenge to ready us before we arrive in the new place. For Jesus’ disciples, they experienced a storm that began to violently rock the boat causing them to be fearful of being capsized and drowning in the sea. They woke Jesus up and Jesus calmed the sea. They reached the other side, and when they did, their ministry continued to expand. Are you being called to a new or greater place? Are you being challenged on your road to get there? I believe there are 5 things you can do to help you reach the other side.

1.   Yield in it
It’s not about yielding to the storm; it’s about yielding to the God of the storm. Don’t give up, don’t give in; but do give way to what God wants to do. Let yourself give way to worship. Praise God, declare His promises, soak yourself  in scripture.

2.   Learn in it
God might want your attention so He can teach you something. Some lessons are learned best when applied. A storm is a great time to apply what you know.

3.   Rest in it
In some storms, you may need to take cover. One purpose for a storm is to get refreshed, recharged, resourced, restored, or prepare for something ahead.

4.   Change in it
Storms can change landscape, so let God transform you, cleanse you, or permit you to have a season do something you haven’t done before.

5.   Grow in it
Whatever you are going through, determine to put action to what you believe. Take time to grow spiritually in your character, your faith, and your gifts.

Don’t waste a good storm. Once you identify it, then yield in it, learn in it, rest in it, change in it, and grow in it. As you go through it, know that Jesus is with you, and He is Lord of all. When the storm is over, you will be ready for what is on the other side.

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