8 Things God Produces When We Stay Planted

I was thinking about some of my poor plants that died last year because I moved them around, damaging their root systems. Then I thought of the scripture Psalm 92:13 “Those who are planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God.”

When we stay planted or committed in a local church, here are 8 things God can produce:

  1.  EFFECTIVENESS. A healthy church is always striving to change and grow. If you don’t like the stage of development, God can help you to work with the leadership to make a positive difference!
  2. CHARACTER. In times of difficulty or even disagreement, when we stay committed, we have the opportunity to surrender our will and allow God to work on our character.
  3. STRENGTH. God can strengthen us in endurance and He can use us to strengthen others when we stay faithful to do our part.
  4. GRACE. Instead of running when we feel we fall short, we can turn to God and allow His grace to overcome any feelings of shame, guilt or fear.
  5. LOVE. Instead of avoiding people that may have offended us, we have the opportunity to walk in God’s love and show mercy to those who may have rubbed us the wrong way.
  6. WHOLENESS. When others disappoint us, we can recognize that only God can complete us. Our expectations for the acceptance, love and value we crave will be in God, freeing others to be who they are in our lives.
  7. FAITH. When God asks me to get out of my comfort zone, I can experience the joy of reliance upon Him.
  8. BLESSING. When I refuse to quit or walk away, I will receive all that God has promised me and my church family.


First, know the church God has called you to be a part of. God doesn’t just call you to “go” somewhere; He calls you to “commit” to a home church. The commitment isn’t just about what you receive; it’s also about what you contribute to others.

Second, when you know where the Spirit of God has planted you, get involved and do your part. Be committed to be there, to gather together. Be committed to grow. Be committed to give. Be committed to go and serve one another and your community.

Third, refuse to be uprooted by any of the enemy’s tactics. Don’t be misled by the  comparison of another church or the charisma of another leader. You know where God has planted you, you can trust Him that He has you right where you need to be so He can cause you to flourish and grow!


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