Spiritual Vision

We have an enemy that wants to stop the advancement of God’s kingdom, and the enemy will attempt to do that in any way that he can. He is after God’s leaders, but he also will come against the team that supports a leader. We need to be spiritually aware and fight the enemy when he tries to come against our families, our team, our congregation, etc.

To accomplish what God calls us to do, God wants us to recognize who we are in Him, what we can do in Him, and what we have in Him. As we grow spiritually, we have to let go of who we used to be, what we used to have, and what we used to do. We need to embrace a new way of thinking and a new way of acting. We still face conflicts, temptations, emotions, but we don’t handle them the same way that we used to.

Recently I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about the transition Jerry and I are in and what we still need to accomplish for the church plant. I felt fear rising in my heart. I knew I needed to get out of bed and confront the fear. I got up and began to speak scripture out loud in the darkness of the night. I quoted Psalm 34:10 over and over “Those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.” I looked past my emotions and stirred up my heart. I prayed to God and I declared His Word for me personally, “I seek You, Lord, and I will not lack any good thing.”

The Holy Spirit joined me in prayer and God gave me what I needed to hear. He reminded me of the time the Syrian army had surrounded Israel. Early in the morning when Elisha’s servant saw the army, he was afraid and went to Elisha and said, “Alas, my master! What shall we do?” In II Kings 6:14-17, Elisha prayed that God would open the eyes of his servant so that the servant would be able to see into the spirit.  The Lord opened the eyes of the servant and the servant saw the army of God all around Elisha. When the servant saw God’s army, his fear left him.

God showed me how important it is that as a wife, as an assistant, that I grab ahold of spiritual vision. It isn’t just about hearing vision from my husband, because he does share it. It isn’t just about having vision from God, because He does share it. It’s about me being spiritually minded in a world that is constantly giving me a natural perspective. It’s about me recognizing what isn’t from my Father God, and standing up to confront it in the authority of my Savior Jesus Christ. We all have to do it. Without being mindful of the spiritual side of life, the enemy can use a lack of spiritual vision to cause fear, confusion, division, or other destructive issues. If Elisha’s servant did not have spiritual vision, he would have continued in fear, which would not be helpful to Elisha. As a wife and a co-pastor, if I do not recognize spiritual matters and choose to walk in the spirit, the enemy could get in to cause trouble, not only for my husband, the pastor, but for the plan that God has to reach more people through the church God has called us to plant and care for.

When I pursued God in the spirit, His presence filled the room. He reminded me of the vision for the church plant. I began to pray out His will for the church. Peace flooded my heart and pushed out the fear. I went back to bed, singing the song “God I Look to You” with the words, “Give me vision, You know just what to do.” I slept well and woke up refreshed in the strength that God had given me. Praise God!

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2 Responses to Spiritual Vision

  1. debbie grimes says:

    just what i needed to hear . thankyou for sharing your heart x

    • Vikas says:

      May18 Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus christ. We know that your word is true and that your word does not rutren to you void. heavenly Father it is written that you will bless those who have considered and bless the poor, and you will deliver each of us in our times of trouble, bless those that were laid off, and allow us to help them in anyway possible! Our sole purpose is to be there for them, and love them like Christ love the church, we ask you today to touch Mike’s heart, and to let Mike know, that we are all in this together. What breaks your heart breaks ours. We are not going to be sad we are going to pray, pray like we have never prayed before! We are going to shake the very foundation of the earth, what is done on earth will be done in Heaven. We are spirit filled people. We are not ordinary believers we have mountain moving power! We call upon the living God, and a shift takes place Amen. Now we begin to pray, and expect to see something Miraculous, what the enemy meant for bad, God turned it around for Good.we thank you Jehovah, for hearing and answering our prayers, in JESUS precious name amen! EPHESIANS 3:20Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask and think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages world without end. Amen.

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