Free Open Spaces

As we prepare to move to the Greater Cincinnati area, the Lord gave a message to me. It began with a study on the verse Psalm 119:45, using the word freedom.

Psalm 119:45 “I will walk in freedom for I have devoted myself to your commandments.” NLT

In this verse there is a Hebrew word, rachab, meaning “broad, wide.” It is often used to describe land that is large and ready for the taking. Here are two other translations of the same verse.

Psalm 119:45 “I will walk around in wide open spaces, because I have pursued Your precepts.” CEB

I will live a life of freedom because I pursue Your precepts.” VOICE

Another form of the word, and this is exciting, is translated as the name Rahab. The story of Rahab is found in Joshua right before the Israelites were just starting to take the promised land. Rahab’s city, Jericho, was the first city of many that would be given to God’s people. It was the city on the edge of Canaan, the promised land. The land that was wide and open for the taking. On the inside, I just feel like God is saying “Go for it.” When God tells you to “Go for it” you know you have the green light to go and take the land. He has given it to us!

The Lord also reminded me of Jeremiah 40:4

And now look, I free you this day from the chains that were on your hand. If it seems good to you to come with me to Babylon, come, and I will look after you. But if it seems wrong for you to come with me to Babylon, remain here. See, all the land is before you; wherever it seems good and convenient for you to go, go there.”

There are people who are waiting to be reached. It’s a place with free, open spaces, a wide open place for God to have His way as we step out, join our hands with others, and take the land He has freely given to His church.

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