Get It, Girl! (Part 2: Choose It)


In this blog series, “Get It, Girl,” that I believe the Lord is leading me to write about fulfilling the call He has placed on our lives, especially for women in leadership. Being a woman in leadership in ministry, this series is coming from my heart.


After we SEE it, we need to decide if we will CHOOSE it.

Who Me?

Yes, you. The need God sees for the world is a need He is asking you to help meet. Jesus is the answer. He died for the world. His salvation is here, but He needs you to take that good news to them. He needs you to be His hands, His feet, His voice.

God sees you as valuable to His kingdom. He doesn’t choose one over the other based on race, age or gender. You aren’t disqualified because of past failure. He has a place for each of us. We aren’t in competition with each other. We are here to be a compliment for the other.

If there is any voice telling you that you can’t carry the good news, that voice is a liar. That voice may come from someone you know, someone you don’t know… that voice might even be coming from inside of you. God has given you a voice. God is calling is calling you to tell the world of His love.

Saying “Yes”

God is calling, but we have to answer. God doesn’t force Himself on anyone. To do our part in God’s plan, we need to surrender to Him and say, “Yes.” The part you have is unique to you. The gifts you have, the talents, the opportunities to study, to train, to experience… all from God… and all for a purpose He has for your life.

You have a lot of options throughout a lifetime. There are many things you can do with your one life. Don’t just consider your life from this earthly perspective; consider your life when it is done. When your life is over, how did you spend it? Did it have a temporary effect? Did it have an eternal effect as well? Think of your life as currency, no matter what your age, how will you spend what you have left?

Please say, “Yes.”

God Has Help for You

You aren’t alone. God has also given you His Spirit. He’s not just any spirit; the Holy Spirit comes with some considerable experience. He created the universe, so there’s that. He also raised Jesus from the dead, snatching Him out of the belly of hell and restoring Him in the presence of His Father. That’s impressive. Every miracle recorded in both the Old and New Testaments was done by His power. Jesus left the earth so the Holy Spirit could come to each of us.

The Holy Spirit isn’t just someone we are willing to open up to for help; He is the One who gives us direction on what we are to do. He is our leader. We are to pursue Him. I not only choose to receive Him; I choose to follow Him.

Today and Everyday

Our initial choice to surrender to God can often be a memorable moment. We sense the Holy Spirit calling. We give Him our lives. Surrender is more than a letting go; it’s a going after. It doesn’t happen just once; our yielded heart seeks our Lord each day, choosing to fulfill His plan for His purpose.



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