Get It Girl / Part 3: Get it Together!


In this blog series, “Get It, Girl,” that I believe the Lord is leading me to write about fulfilling the call He has placed on our lives, especially for women in leadership. Being a woman in leadership in ministry, this series is coming from my heart.

PART 3: Get It Together

“Get it Together” isn’t about getting your stuff together; this blog is about doing life together with others. God’s plan for our lives include the what, the why, the where, the when, the how, and the “who.” God doesn’t just call us to do our individual part; God calls us to do our part in conjunction with others. God knows we are stronger together, better together.

The people in our lives or business or ministry might be obvious champions, or they may be like David’s mighty men – the misfits. They are the people on our team and the people we serve. They are the ones we learn from, the ones we teach, the ones we restore and the ones we launch. They are the new ones and the old ones. They are ones we marry. They are our children. They are our friends.

Choose the ones God has chosen 

There are some people in our life that God has chosen for us. It’s important to take the time to seek God for the men and women He wants to join us together with. Some of the roles people fill are supportive roles, others are in varying degrees of leadership roles.

Just because people are present in our lives doesn’t mean they are people God wants us to put in a specific role. Attendance isn’t the only criteria for a team position. God often has choices for people that are outside our line of sight. In addition, we need to pursue God’s timing for filling positions. A person might be God’s choice, but not God’s choice for right now.

The people God has chosen for you will not be perfect. As you know, you are not perfect either. When we know God has chosen someone for our team, we still need to make the choice in our hearts to choose them too, even with their flaws and imperfections. We commit to equipping, restoring, resourcing and empowering our teams. When we choose men and women, we are committed to them through good and bad, beautiful and ugly. We need to be careful not to despise or make comparisons about the people God places in our lives; instead, we need to grow together in love and grace.

Choose the ones you want

Not every decision is a decision God makes for us. Some decisions God gives to us to make. We need to choose wisely. We love and accept, everyone, but not everyone is qualified for a position we might be trying to fill.

When choosing a team, we look at competency and character. We look for chemistry- how they will work with others. We look at culture- will they be adaptable to our region and to us? Can they catch the vision and our values? I also look for compassion- do they genuinely care for the people we serve?

Choose the ones you don’t want

It’s just as important to choose the ones you don’t want in a position as much as the ones you do want. We need to choose our teams wisely because these are the people we invest in. These are the people we will lean on.

All people are important. I believe when a person is humble, God can transform and empower anyone. I believe if someone can see their need for change, God can change them. However, if someone is still immature or troubled, he or she may not be ripe for a position I am looking to fill. There is nothing wrong with taking our time to let someone prove themselves. If their heart is for you, they will be patient and faithful where they are at, trusting you to follow God and follow your heart.

Let go of the people who let go of you

Life is too short to grieve someone who didn’t want to life with you. It’s okay to take grief to God in prayer, but we have to leave it there. We have to move on. Focus on the people who are with you.  If their heart is for you, they will show you grace when you are weak and show you mercy when they see your failures. They will keep the vision and not be distracted or derailed when they have a different opinion on an insignificant matter. They will be teachable, accept correction and stick with you for the long haul. These people are treasures, valuable gems God has not only for you, but also for His kingdom purpose. Work together in unity and faith, and give God all the praise.


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