Getting in Gear

I was praying about the Dream Team for the new church plant. God gave me this picture where I was looking at wooden cog wheels, working together. In prayer, the Lord showed me that separately, the cogs would not function as He designed them, but that together they would accomplish their purpose. He showed me that there were people who knew on they inside that they were destined for something great, and that by working together in this new church plant that people would find fulfillment and a sense of belonging like they’ve longed for. It would be God’s doing, not giving credit to any person or church, but God would receive the thanks for bringing them together. The joy from finding their place of togetherness would cause any disappointment to fade away. The blessing from being positioned in God’s design would open up for them. I specifically knew in my heart that families would work together and then families and families would work together. I also know that singles can find a place to belong. People of diversity can belong. People of different ages can belong. And as God adds people to the church plant, that He would fit them together so that they function together. And as they begin to fit together and function, then as a church, we will produce the results that God is after.

So I’m excited. I’m excited because I know God is in this church plant. I know that God is leading. God is moving. God is planting. I know that God is drawing people together. We want Jesus Christ to be the Lord of the church plant and we want people to come together and function together as His church. We want people to find freedom to live as God has fashioned them to be. It’s happening, people. It’s God, and it’s happening!

Lord, fit us together. Amen.
Ephesians 2:21

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  1. “God is good, ALL the time.”

  2. terri brock says:

    wanted to say Congrads on your new site ….. Hope to meet you sometime soon ….. God Bless you and your lovely family!! 🙂

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