Helping Others To Receive

The condition of the human mind is programmed to predominantly function according to natural knowledge and to operate in accordance with earthy means. What is natural or earthy is what is understood and experienced through the soul. Spiritual understanding is received through the spirit. Matters of the spirit are often foreign to intellectual knowledge and pragmatic reason. The natural mind monopolizes the unregenerate soul, and quite often, reigns over the uncultivated Christian as well. To understand spiritual concepts, engage spiritual happenings, and to conduct activity with the Holy Spirit; it is necessary for one to awaken to revelation of spiritual matters from the spiritual heart within.

As church leaders, we understand that naturally-minded men and women will often reject spiritual phenomenon. Because the supernatural is unfamiliar and unusual, most naturally-minded people are often uneasy around it. In order to gather the unchurched and to retain unspiritual believers, we sometimes make attempts to use a skillful spiritual tactfulness so as not to offend or drive away carnally formatted minds. Instead of overwhelming the unformed Christian or unsaved person with out-of-this-world spiritual conceptions, some leaders decide the supernatural should be suppressed, disguised, hidden, or removed from church services and perhaps encouraged in other venues.

The dilemma that results from tempering the Holy Spirit is the unfortunate hindrance from the very life-giving power that is actual answer for the actual needs of actual people. Instead of leading people to full reception of the manifested Presence of God with the complete supernatural fulfillment of their human need we sometimes unintentionally obstruct a spiritual vantage point, we prevent spiritual encounters, and we dampen possibilities of transference of power. Thus, people remain uninformed and untrained concerning spiritual experiences with our God and lacking in receiving His power to meet needs.

Instead of restricting the move of the Holy Spirit, I believe we can take another approach. As spiritual leaders, there are at least four things we can do to help naturally-minded people receive from God in the spirit.

1.  Purpose to build trust. After we have established trust with people, when they encounter something new or unfamiliar in the spirit, they can be confident in our leadership. We can also help them to fix their trust in their personal relationship with God. They can know Him and learn to follow His leading.

2.  Prepare a foundation. If people trust God, they will trust His Word. We can prepare people’s hearts for spiritual matters by providing solid Bible teaching. The Holy Spirit will never do anything that would contradict with the Bible.

3.  Progress with patience. Spiritual growth doesn’t happen overnight. We can walk people through a journey of growth and receiving from God. We often learn about spiritual matters from experiencing them, so we can purpose to lead people from one experience to another.

4.  Present God well. The way a meal is presented makes a big difference in the way it is received. In the same way, how we present ministry can either help or hinder the message from being received by others. Use current and cultural methods to help attract this generation to Christ.

To help natural-minded people receive from a supernatural God, we must trust the Holy Spirit knows what He is doing. Then we need to learn to follow hard after Him. We must be quick to obey, and be careful not to quench what He wants to do. When we honor the Holy Spirit, He will honor us with His presence and power. Then we need to use wisdom on how to help people receive through purposing to establish trust, preparing a foundation in the Word, progressing through spiritual experiences, and presenting spiritual matters with effectiveness. Not everyone will choose to receive the supernatural, some will pick and choose what they want from God, but some will fully open their hearts to all God has for them. Let’s do all we can to awaken hearts and pursue God in the spirit so God can have His way.

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