How Satan Tries to Steal: Wounds (Part 4)

Satan wants to steal your VOICE, your INFLUENCE, and your EFFECTIVENESS.

John 10:10 says, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I (Jesus) have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

Think of a parent’s love for his or her children. There is a direct line of attachment between our kids and us – and we feel it deeply. When our children hurt, we hurt. When our children are at a distance, we feel a longing to unite.

Because of Satan’s opposition to God, one of his objectives is to go after God’s children. In harming you, the enemy is hopeful to accomplish a few different things:

1. Make you feel pain

Because of his hatred of God, I believe the enemy enjoys inflicting pain on God’s children. When someone touches you, they touch apple of God’s eye. In other words, when someone harms you, it is like poking God in the eye, because when you hurt, He feels it. God doesn’t want one of His children to be harmed or suffer damage.

2.  Distort the perception of your Father

John 10:10 makes it clear that Satan’s ambition is to take away from the life we are intended to have in God. The mission of our Savior is to return us back to the full and abundant life God has for us. The purpose of our creation has always been and will always be to know the glory of God.

What a twist if Satan can convince a child of God that his or her suffering is from a good Father rather than from an evil enemy. Some people believe that if a situation exists, it can only exist because it is the will of God. Not true! Evil exists in this world, but Satan brought it. Evil may have happened, but God didn’t bring it, endorse it, or put His stamp of approval on it.

Because God has delegated authority to His children and because the human race opened the gateway to Satan, evil is here. God has permitted the consequences of sin. However, God sent Jesus to reverse that curse. God is a Father who came to rescue us. How disturbing when a child thinks it was the Father’s will to allow them to suffer harm.

Some point to New Testament writers that have written about suffering and trials, but those trials are not a matter that Jesus paid for at the cross. Sickness, heartache, grief, poverty are not from God. If you are a parent, what if your child thought that about you?

3.  Take you out of the fight

Like a wounded soldier, Satan wants to take you off the battlefield. If you are hurt to the point where you can’t operate, Satan’s tactics have been successful. God wants to heal and restore the hurting. One purpose is to experience His life, and another purpose is to get back in the game, to be effective and productive in His kingdom.

4.  Cause an offense

Wounds can sometimes cause a person to develop a bad feeling towards God or a person. This can close our hearts to what God wants to do in us. It can also disconnect us from the body of Christ. When someone is offended, chalk up one of the devil, because he wins.

5.  Discourage those in your sphere of influence

When you get knocked down, the people you influence and the people you are called to influence will be negatively effected. I Cor. 12:26 says that when one part of the body suffers, we all suffer with it. God needs you to be in your place, effectively functioning and producing with those around you.

6.  Damage your ability to trust

Making you hurt is one intention of the enemy; however, if Satan can cause you to lose your desire or ability to trust, he has accomplished a great deal more. If Satan can break your trust in God, you lock yourself up so that everything God wants for your life is in jeopardy of dying in its seed form.


Recognize the strategy of the enemy, educate yourself to his tactics, and overcome him through the cross of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Let Jesus heal and mend you. He soothes and regenerates you.
  2. Let Jesus restore and strengthen you. He will make you whole, lacking nothing.
  3. Let Jesus work His love in you. His love for you will melt away offense.
  4. Let Jesus reposition you. Jesus gets you back in action.
  5. Let Jesus increase you. He can expand your purpose and multiply your ability.
  6. Let Jesus reveal the Father to you. He can be trusted.
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1 Response to How Satan Tries to Steal: Wounds (Part 4)

  1. Darlene says:

    Thank you for bringing God’s loving truth to an “ouchy” subject. When I read the title “Wounds” my heart whinced and I almost didn’t read on for anticipation of pain. Praise God He heals all wounds! After all these years God has planted me in a church where His sweet Holy Spirit is flows freely and His Word is spoken with the love of our Father. I am taking back all that the enemy has stolen in Jesus name, and I trust Him to continue this wonderful work of healing and restoration!

    I look forward to reading your words every time I have opportunity. May He continue to bless you and Jerry and all you touch in your ministry!


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