I Need a New Perspective!

Last week I worked on a bank statement and was off by $167.31. After checking the math in the checkbook and then my math in the reconciliation, I was still stumped, so I stepped away. Yesterday I picked it back up and almost instantly I saw the problem – I had checked it off on the statement as an online payment, but had not recorded it in the checkbook. There is was as plain as day… $167.31. Seeing the solution clearly, especially after feeling the frustration of not finding resolution – that’s a great feeling!
Why did I miss it last week? My focus was on the math, and the math was correct. My perspective was off. The same can be true in ministry. When we are frustrated because we don’t see resolution, it could be that we need to step back for a bit. Let go of that attempt – it’s not working. Pull away for awhile. Ask God for discernment, talk it out with someone, or even do something else to find distraction. Then come back and try another angle.
In addition, when it comes to spiritual matters (in ministry or the marketplace) we often look at life through our natural mind. Sometimes getting a spiritual mindset will help us find the answer we need. Some solutions are found when we pray in the spirit. Breakthroughs happen when we take the time to fast and pray. Change happens when we rise up in our spiritual authority and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We have to remember we are spirit beings living in a natural world. It’s a different perspective!
So if you feel like you are stuck in place or hitting your head up against a wall, step away and get a different perspective. God is faithful and He will always make a way through!
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