JESUS in Jerusalem – What a Beautiful Mystery!

I believe there is a blessing in understanding the connection between Jesus and Jerusalem that uncovers an available, abundant life in God as well as an expectation for our future.

First I would like to look at the meaning of Jerusalem, then of Jesus.


Jerusalem has been translated, “Dwelling of Peace” or “City of Peace.” The Hebrew name for Jerusalem includes the word “salem” or “shalom.” The definition of shalom is peace, but also so much more! It also means wholeness, soundness, and completeness. It includes wholeness in health, prosperity and peace, nothing lacking. Not only is Jerusalem a physical location; Jerusalem is illustrative of a position in the sphere of God, a way of abiding in the abundance of His life.

Jerusalem is located on Mount Zion, thus the term “Zion” has become synonymous with Jerusalem. In Scripture, Zion also illustrated a spiritual kingdom, mentioned in both the old and the new testaments. This spiritual kingdom is descriptive of a position in God, a position where we experience life in God, a life that is full, abundant, and overflowing.[1]

Jerusalem is also known as the City of David. King David built his palace on Mount Zion in Jerusalem because of the spring that ran underneath it, waters that led to the pool of Siloam. David was a King, and he was a type and shadow of a coming King, Jesus Christ.


I believe the city of Jerusalem is more than a city; it is symbolic of Christ and salvation for every human being who will receive it.

Jerusalem was a place of peace, or shalom, wholeness. Jesus came to save us. In the Greek, the word “save” is sozo and it means, “to make whole.” Similar to shalom, sozo refers to a wholeness that provided healing, prosperity, peace, freedom, restoration.

In I Peter 2:6 Peter refers to Jesus as being the cornerstone of Zion, that spiritual city, a blessed place to live in God’s presence. It is the city of Jerusalem to the Jew, but it is a position of knowing God for every Christian.

In 2 Samuel 7:12-13 God tells David the Messiah would be his descendent, a son who would establish His kingdom forever. In the Gospels, Jesus was called the “Son of David,” an acknowledgement that He was indeed the Messiah.[2]

I find one of the most significant mentions as the Son of David to be during the Triumphal Entry. Here JESUS enters into JERUSALEM. Here, the Savior enters into God’s city and into the temple, the dwelling place of God. The people called out to Jesus, “Hosanna to the Son of David!” Hosanna means, “Glory to the God who saves us!” The Son of David is riding into the city of David, the place where God’s presence has residence, the place where God’s abundant life is experienced and known.


Psalm 122:6 says we are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, or the “shalom” of Jerusalem. When we pray for the wholeness of the city, we are also praying for the restoration of the city to the people God gave it to in a covenant, the Jews.

I believe we are also praying for that restoration of relationship with God. David was a man who warred for God and his nation. When it was time to build the temple, God would not let David build it because he was not a king of peace. The next in the family line of Jesus Christ was Solomon, a man of peace, but more than that, a man who represented God’s restoration from sin. We remember that Solomon was one of many of David’s sons, but Solomon was born from a relationship between David and Bathsheba, a relationship that started with adultery, broken covenants, bloodshed, and murder. The peace of Jerusalem is the wholeness of our salvation and forgiveness.

The Bible promises that Jesus, the Prince of Peace, will again enter into Jerusalem, the City of Peace. He will come down on the Mount of Olives and enter Jerusalem and it’s temple, like the Morning Star, from the East. He will rise and He will reign over the nations and over our hearts.

For those who understand end-time prophecy, as Jesus fulfilled Daniel’s prophecy to end week 69 with His first entry into Jerusalem as King, Jesus will fulfill Daniel’s prophecy to end week 70 with a second entry into Jerusalem as King. Prophecy will be fulfilled and PEACE will reign in the earth through our Savior, Jesus Christ, from a place of salvation, Jerusalem, God’s city.

To me, Palm Sunday is a day to celebrate our King, the Prince of Peace, and to celebrate and receive the wholeness of the salvation He brings to us. Hosanna! Glory to the God who saves us!

[1] Hebrews 12:22

[2] Matthew 9:27; 15:22; 20:30; 21:9; 21:5

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