Living Life to the Fullest


God wants each of us to live our life to the fullest, open to love, and free from any weights. The way to get the most out of life is to live it as close in relationship with God that we can, by grace, through faith. God wants us to receive a position of being saved, and then He wants us to live in His salvation everyday. He wants us to grow in knowing Him, and from His presence, we find the source of all that makes us whole in spirit, soul, and body.

Just like any other relationship, when we give ourselves to knowing God, the relationship can grow, get stronger, open wider, and flourish. If we neglect our relationship with God, it can become stagnant, cold, closed, and lifeless. God wants us to experience Him and the life He offers.

Not only can we know God, but we can also mature in our relationship Him. As we grow spiritually and in relationship with our Father, we can increase our capacity to receive. We can also become more effective in working together with the Holy Spirit in our ministry to others. We don’t have to wait until we get to heaven to know God more fully.

There is no greater fulfillment a human being can have than to enter into an interactive relationship with God while encountering His tangible presence. Think about it. God, the Creator of everything and everyone, is in a close relationship with you. You are fully satisfied in being one with your Maker. Completed in every sense of wholeness. Confident of the person you are, where you came from, and where you are going. The more you mature, the more wonders of God’s person are unfolded for your discovery. The more you grow, the more you marvel at the swelling beauty of His grace and truth. The more you develop, the more rooted and established you become in His love. Nothing can move you from the place God has given you in Christ.

Not only do you experience being enveloped by the majesty of His power and love, but you also encounter the deluge of His anointing flowing through you, knowing God is supernaturally accomplishing His miraculous purpose together with you. Whatever age you are, with each new day comes a new opportunity for God to take you higher in Him.

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