Marks of an Adventurer

Church planters are adventurers. There are certain marks of adventurers that I have noticed about myself, my husband and my church planting friends:

Adventurers see the future
An adventurer is going somewhere. In church planting, we see the future because God showed it to us. We see the destination, even if it’s a year away.

Adventurers prepare for what’s ahead
Adventures want to reach their destination, so we understand the importance of preparing for what’s ahead. We prepare our families, our finances and ourselves. We prepare our team, our resources, and our community.

Adventurers like forward motion
When we know we have a destination, we want to take steps to get to that destination. It’s a place where we want to be. It’s a place God wants to be. A church plant is a place where we know people will experience new life in Christ. Even if we aren’t there yet, moving forward is an indicator that we are on our way to being there.

Adventurers will push through
Adventurers may hit a spot that slows us down or gets in our way, but to an adventurer, we know it’s a challenge we can overcome, especially with God on our side.

Adventurers enjoy the journey
The journey is part of the adventure. The miracle isn’t just in launch Sunday, but it is in all the accomplishments along the way. Those miracles are happening all along the path of church planting.

Adventurers enjoy leaps of faith
Adventurers aren’t afraid of something new. When we know that God is with us, we know anything can happen. When we are confident in Him, believing Him for what He can do is actually FUN. If we feel that we’ve hit our limit of strength, resources, ability, people… then God steps in and blows us away with His miraculous grace! Working together with the creator of the universe is never boring. It’s never without a challenge. It’s never without a win.

Adventurers are drawn to other adventurers
There are times when Jerry and I feel drawn to certain people. When I think about it, it’s because we recognize that they are just as wild and crazy as we are! They may not look like it on the outside, but in their spirit they are ready for something new. They are ready to explore what God still has ahead for them. They are full of potential that is longing for a challenge. The people who go, the people who send, and the people who pray – gotta’ love those adventurers who help plant churches!

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