Marriage & Shared Values

I believe marriage to be more than two people being in love. Yes, it is about love, but it is also about covenant and purpose. As a wife, I see myself as a partner with Jerry in life, in friendship, with family, and in our case, in ministry. As a partner, someone who respects his leadership and serves by his side, I believe that it is vital that we share the same values.

Jerry and I are planting a church, and Jerry is the lead pastor of what will be Freedom House Church in Lexington, Kentucky. He is also the leader of our home. I believe that God wants Jerry to have a capable, efficient and strong partner in ministry and family; therefore, I think it is important that I not only share a vision with my husband, but that I also share his values.

I believe that if a co-laborer does not share the same values as a leader, it can tear down a vision and even tear apart a marriage. Therefore, Jerry and I find it imperative that we stay true to the leading of the Holy Spirit in vision and yielded to the formation of the character of Christ.

As a woman with administrative and creative gifts, I feel that I am wired to appreciate the beauty and importance of details. As such, I am reminded by the Holy Spirit to be careful not to be distracted. I can be led by the Lord on what He wants to take priority and what I can be responsible to enjoy. He can also give me discernment for things that might pull me away from vision, what could be contrary to my husband’s values, or what might waste my time, my energy, my thoughts or our resources.

When Jesus is my Lord, He is going to place inside of me the values that He wants me to have. He does the same thing for my husband. When both of us have Jesus as our Lord, the values that we have are going to be shared values. Our shared values have created a bond between us that has been tightly interwoven, a unity that has grown in strength and in anointing. It’s the same type of heart that we want to share with our church team and congregation. Sharing the same heart for God and ministry is what brings us together in love and in power.

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  1. V. Whittaker says:

    I love this post, Melanie!

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