Now I Know

When I write poetry, it’s usually an outlet for expressing some deep places on the inside of my soul. After something is written, I feel that satisfaction of being expressed, so I typically discard my poems immediately. What I find is that writing from those deep places causes my heart to open up and gives the Holy Spirit entrance to come in. It’s very liberating, actually. At times, it’s healing. Other times it’s empowering. However, this poem is something I wrote for Jesus after reading the Song of Solomon last week. I consider knowing our Savior a shared human experience with other believers, so I hope someone who reads it will relate and find some expression through it.

I didn’t know that I was lost, darkness was a friend

Wandering and floundering, bent over with a bend

You took my crocked places, aligned me to be straight

Led me to Your chambers, became the secret gate


Looking on myself, shadows fleeing in Your sun

The covering that I had formed was suddenly undone

With my eyes I turned to You, exposed without a thread

Swiftly You enveloped me, calmed this rushing dread


I didn’t know the grip I had, always on patrol

No one could come near to me, callous was my soul

Somehow You got past me, You got into my heart

I didn’t know my wanting ‘til you filled the empty part


I didn’t know my weakness ‘til You held me in Your arms

I didn’t know Your strength ‘til You rescued me from harm

Familiar was my frailty, distorted was my view

You took me to Your tower, knew me through and through


I didn’t know I loved You, until You loved me first

I didn’t know You loved me, ‘til You saw me at my worst

Now I know that You are mine; I know that I am Yours

One day you will return for me, I know that there is more

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