Number 10: Demonstrate Respect for Yourself


In demonstrating respect for our own self, children can also learn about honor by learning to respect themselves. Let your children learn how to respect themselves by watching you respect yourself. You can teach them by setting boundaries on how you use your time, your money, and your energy.

We also teach children to respect themselves by showing them honor. Here are some ways we can honor our kids:

  • Talk to children respectfully. I’ve been in shopping malls and heard moms yelling at their children in a way that most people wouldn’t treat a dog. Just because they’re young doesn’t mean they don’t have intelligence or emotions.
  • Listen to them. Get on their level, and look into their eyes. Repeat what they have said so they know that you heard them.
  • Give them our time. They need both quality and We will give our time to what we value. Our time means more to children than having the nicest of things.
  • Tell them that we love them. We should never assume that they ought to know we love them. Both sons and daughters need to hear the words, “I love you.”
  • Show them that we love them. They need to see in our actions that we love them. We should provide their needs. We can’t neglect them. Sometimes they need a hug or a pat on the back.
  • Give them responsibility. Children need to know that they have purpose. Give them an amount of responsibility that they can handle. If they prove themselves dependable, add to their responsibilities.
  • Protect them. Children that have no rules feel their parents don’t care about their well being. Teach them the principles of the Word so that they will be happy and successful. Teach them how to guard their hearts.

In addition, with easy access on the internet, children can see pictures that could not only awakening their curiosity for sexual behavior, but could easily distort their perspective on sex and damage their ability to relate to others. First, but use a system that blocks certain web pages from opening and keep the computer in a family community area. Second, talk to your children about the dangers of the internet. When they are away from home, you want to make sure they have a better chance at making good choices.

Also, in a world that has increased in child pornography and sex trafficking, it is important to teach your children what is appropriate and inappropriate when they are approached by others. Without passing on fear, teach your children what to do when assaulted.

Above all, pray over your children. Involve God in the training and admonition of your kids. He will help shape and mold your children into what He has intended for them – His character, His attitudes, and His behavior.

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