Number 6: Demonstrate Respect For An Employer

This little one picked up her dad's Bible on the way out of church.

This little one picked up her dad’s Bible on the way out of church.

When we are focused on our own discomfort, it’s easy to complain about work in front of our kids. However, when we focus on teaching respect for authority to our kids, we will refrain from complaining about an employer, our co-workers, and the job, especially in front of the young people we want to raise into adults who will honor God and their relationships.

Here are a few scriptures on showing honor to employers:

I Peter 2:18-20

Colossians 3:22-23

Ephesians 6:5-8

When we do communicate a challenge we have at work, we can do so in honor because honor is an attitude of the heart. In addition, we can demonstrate respect for an employer by giving him or her our best effort, being on time, going the extra mile, and more. Our children are watching and learning. They often learn our values, values that can point them to honor God and people or dishonor God and people.

If that employer is difficult, it’s an even better opportunity to teach our children the value of honor and submission in suffering. This is a spiritual truth that will conflict with the world’s system. However, when we respect authority, even when treated unfairly, God will honor us and our children will learn reverence for the Lord.

We can also teach our children the value of money by teaching them to respect the effort it took to make that money. We can teach them the importance of saving and investing that money rather than putting money into more debt and material things.

If we are an employer, the same is true in teaching respect to our children when we demonstrate respect to those who work underneath our authority. Treating people with fairness, honesty, and kindness are values our children can use to shape their own heart of respect for God and others.

We should not downplay the importance of what we say, what we do, and how we say and do in front of our children. I’ve it happen too often, where parents wonder why their children are not embracing a relationship with God and their church when disrespect for human authority is what has been modeled in front of them. Our decision to honor others makes a large impact on our children and their decision to honor God. So live life well!

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