On Your Mark, Get Set….

Waiting on God is like a runner who gets on their mark – they are in position. They get set – they are ready to move. Then they wait for that word “go.”  I’m excited to say that Jerry and I are getting into position for the next run. We we in anticipation of hearing the word “go,” when we will give it all we’ve got, running toward the goal that Jesus has in front of us.

I took a big step and quit my awesome full-time job here in Baton Rouge. Friday is my last day at Vivid Ink Graphics! I have to say, goodbyes are always a bit emotional for me. I’ve cried my tears, appreciating the group of people that I have shared my life with over the past several months. I’m thankful for the provision that it has brought our family. I’m grateful for the new things that they’ve taught me.

Quitting my job is a first step for us in getting into a position where I can work together with Jerry in preparation for the new church plant. In August I will be working with Start Church for incorporation, with Lauren Kaczmarski for the logo and business papers, with Jason Diekmann for the website design, and with Apple, Microsoft and Quickbooks to set up new administration – just to name a few! Jerry will continue to work full-time and in addition, building a dream team, raising financial support, researching purchases, and communicating vision and values. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it to think of the precious lives of people that God is sending us to!

This is it! On your mark! Get set…..

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