Our Miracle of Provision in 2012

God writes our lives as stories where He can be seen. Our time in Baton Rouge has been part of our church planting story where God will get the glory. God has had several purpose points in this season, but there are two that I would like to mention. One purpose was to be near our daughters. We have cherished the precious moments that we have shared as a family this past year, knowing that our grown children are going in different directions after this season. A second purpose was to seek after the Lord and to allow Him to make us ready for the next ministry assignment. For the past 15 months we have prayed about what we were to do. Lexington, Kentucky, has been a city that we’ve always had an interest in. About 6 months ago, we felt led to plant a church there.

While we have lived in Baton Rouge, I worked at a printing company and Jerry worked as a manager. ┬áLast July Jerry and I had direction on where we were to plant, so I quit my job in order to start working on the church development and to finish some writing. For the past six months I have had time to write, and I’ve overseen the formation of the beginning stages of FreedomHouse.tv, informing Jerry of the administrative accomplishments, but keeping his time free to work and provide income for our family.

Our budget was tight without my salary, but each month our financial needs were met. Jerry’s past employer knew Jerry would be leaving at the end of the year; however, it was unexpected when our friend hired a new manager and let Jerry go six weeks early without any notice or any compensation. We suddenly found ourselves without any income, facing a move to a state where we had no income, anticipating moving expenses, thousands for initial church planting expenses – and it was right during the holidays. It was a hard hit. We didn’t know what we were going to do.

One scripture came to my mind for the situation, and it was Psalm 121:1,2 “I will lift up my eyes to the hills- from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” Our circumstances were bad, but I chose to look up to God. We’ve been in tight spots before and God has always been faithful. When we look up to a big God, the things around us seem to get smaller. When we look up to the God who has called us, we can release the people who attempt to harm or hinder us. We can get a higher perspective on our circumstances, knowing that God is working on our behalf.

Jerry called someone, and a friend provided work out-of-state that helped us to make it through November. Not only did it meet November’s budget, but Jerry also was about to take his truck and trailer and move some of the family’s things out of state. God’s purposes are often manifold in their design.

We were thankful for November but still facing December. I do the bookkeeping for our family budget. I told God that we needed a certain amount to cover Jerry’s missing paychecks. Jerry recently ministered at a church in Alabama. I kept looking up for God to meet the need anyway that He wanted to. I did not expect this church to meet that full need; however, when I saw the check, it was written for the exact amount that I had asked God for. I’m thankful for the pastor’s obedience. I’m thankful that my husband puts his faith in God and is obedient to the call on our family. I’m thankful that God not only meets our needs as His servants, but He does it in a way that we see Him in it. How beautiful our God is!

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