The Good Wife Will Reign in Life

In the previous blog I introduced the idea for this series on “The Good Wife” as a series that is not about performance, but about God’s purpose. I promised to base the writing on God’s Word and not the world, not culture, and not religious tradition.

If we want to know God’s Word on a subject, we need to consider the whole Word of God. If all I do is a word search on “wife” or “woman” then I’m only going to pull up a certain number of verses. If I base my knowledge only on that selection rather that the other portions of that Word that applies to that topic, then I limit my understanding and cripple my application.

Also, if my approach in studying a topic is only to look at the differences on a subject, I could ignore the overall view. Therefore, when I read the Bible, I see that a woman is first a spirit being, made in the image of God. As a child of God, the reborn, Spirit-filled believer is to rule and reign in life. Therefore, “The Good Wife” as the Bible teaches, is a person who knows her position in Christ, receives revelation on her inheritance in Christ, and is empowered and anointed to take her authority in the earth. “The Good Wife” will reign in life.

Romans 5:17 For if by the one man’s offense death reigned through the one, much more those who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.

When a Christian reigns if life, he or she is overcoming what is beneath God’s glory because of what Jesus Christ accomplished at the cross. Salvation is ours because Jesus paid our ransom and removed the punishment of sin. Sin and its effects no longer have power over the surrendered believer; now the yielded Christian is empowered by the Holy Spirit over sin and the effects of sin.

What are the effects of sin? Sin is anything outside of God and outside of the perimeters of His abundant life. Effects of sin in this world include sickness, poverty, mental distress, emotional unrest, as well as spiritual death and oppression. The effects of sin include guilt, shame, and fear. Before Christ, sin and its effects had dominion over us and Satan was god over the unbeliever. After Christ, the person who is in union with Jesus and subjected to His lordship is given authority and power to act in His name to rule in this life.

The Good Wife is the person who has received God’s goodness; she receives the righteousness of God she has been given through Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior. Her marriage to a man is a temporary covenant in this life, but her covenant with her Redeemer is an eternal covenant in an everlasting life. The Good Wife has received salvation and continues to live in God’s saving power from anything that would try to defeat her and deplete her instead of heal her and complete her. As someone continually surrendered to God’s working, The Good Wife enjoys full and continual restoration and wholeness that causes her to live in a position of His authority and experience a flood of His power.

The Good Wife presses into God’s presence. The Good Wife declares God’s Word out of her mouth over her life, her marriage and her family. The Good Wife makes herself available for prayer. The Good Wife diligently meditates on God’s Word and receives its power to transform her to become more and more like Christ.

If a person isn’t complete in Christ, then that person is lacking in spirit, in soul, and in body. That person will grasp for other people and other things in an attempt to fill what’s missing. A Christian that refuses to pursue the Lord or neglects spiritual refreshing will find himself or herself living far beneath God’s intended purpose. Instead of reigning in life, the carnal Christian will experience a defeated and dysfunctional way of living. A spiritually dysfunctional person will not be able to function as someone who reigns in life.

We are all at different levels in our transformation, in our understanding, and in our anointing. When a person is complete in Christ and mature spiritually, that person stands in the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That person rules over the body and the soul from her spirit. That person brings emotions and thoughts underneath the authority of Christ, dominating her flesh. If you aren’t there yet, then start heading that direction, to be healed, whole, and strong in spirit.

The Good Wife is complete in Christ; therefore, she is not someone’s “other half” and her husband is not her “other half.” Instead of pulling on her husband to fulfill her or bring her the happiness she craves, the Good Wife will look to Jesus for her joy, her peace and her wellbeing. Her husband is not her Jesus; Jesus is her Jesus. When the Good Wife gets in the spirit and draws what she needs from Christ, then she isn’t needy, clingy, or whiney. She is strong and she is satisfied. She is ready to give instead of take, build up instead of tear down.

From the position of being complete, The Good Wife can also better receive. She isn’t in a power-struggle with her man. She can receive her husband’s love and she can honor her husband’s strengths. Because she is complete, she doesn’t have to compete with him; instead they can compliment each other in their gifting, their skills, their intelligence, and their abilities. Not only does The Good Wife reign in life; she is also able to take her husband’s hand and reign in life together, overcoming in a fallen world, pushing back the kingdom of darkness, and living in victory through Jesus Christ. Be a power-couple for Jesus.

What if you aren’t there yet?  What if your emotions or thought life are ruling you? What if you recognize you are being needy instead of finding your needs met in Christ?

  1. Recognize the process. If you are a Christian, then you are positioned in Christ; you just need to look to Christ to begin a journey of transformation.
  2. Get spiritual. You are a spirit in a naturally-minded world. So get into your Bible, get into prayer, get into worship, and get into your church. Naturally-minded people will not be spiritually-minded.
  3. Grow stronger. The Word of God isn’t just a good book, it is life to you. We grow spiritually when we put the Word of God first in our lives and when we do what it says.
  4. Take your authority over emotions, your thoughts, and your body. You are a spirit so you decide what you allow yourself to think on. You decide what you are going to do. You decide to get those emotions in line with God’s Word.
  5. Stay surrendered. We weren’t made to stand on our own two feet. We were made to know the glorious experience of living in dependence on a source of life with a loving Father and Creator. The world tells us to be self-sufficient, but our strength is not found in us; our strength is found in Christ. Learn to live leaning on the Lord.

I Corinthians 15:57 But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.



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The Good Wife: What is Good?

There is a television show called “The Good Wife.” I’ve never seen it, but I did google it. It’s about a woman who goes back to work as a litigator for a law firm after her husband, a former state attorney, was publicly humiliated in a sex scandal and thrown behind bars for corruption. I suppose she is considered good because she chooses to step up after her life has been devastated.

Lately, the phrase “The Good Wife” has been rolling around in my spirit. A “good” person is a term that often refers to the person who makes right choices and does the right things. No one is perfect but God alone, but most of us, especially of the household of faith, want to be good and do good. Hopefully we are aware that any goodness comes from being placed in a righteous position with our Good Father through Jesus Christ.

Good is also an adjective of someone who is qualified for a position. When someone dates a person, there is an attraction; but when someone marries a person, it is because they think that person is a good choice for the role of a spouse. We believe that person has qualities to be a good wife or husband, a good companion, a good co-parent, a good financial contributor, a good home manager, and a good person. That person is approved for our standards as a partner in life, someone that will make life pleasant and beneficial. That person is someone we desire to do life with, a good choice.

For the next several weeks, I believe the Lord will have me share about His idea of what a “good” wife is. These entries will not be about being the perfect wife, because that does not exist – neither does the perfect husband. Personally, I’ve had my good moments and my not-so-good moments; I’ve even had some bad moments. Maybe you feel like you could improve as a wife, or maybe you feel like you’ve failed as a wife.  I have good news – “The Good Wife” is the woman who wants to learn what God defines as “good” and allows God to equip and empower her to be and do and have His best for her life.

My perspective of “The Good Wife” will come from scripture, not from culture. Number one, the world’s standard of good and God’s standard of good are two different things. The Bible and the world will always be different. If we compare our generation to the Bible, thinking the Bible is outdated, we have negated the power of the Gospel. Number two, the idea that society is evolving from generation to generation is not necessarily true in every aspect of development. Sure, we’ve built on the knowledge, experience, and hard work of a previous generation to where our technology has gone farther than ever before, our medical treatments are more advanced, and some political liberties have been won. However, goodness is dependent on the condition of the heart, and morally, goodness comes from God, not evolution. Number three, scripture and religion are not the same thing. Religion is a term I use to describe the human being’s attempt to dominate someone else using guilt, shame, and fear. The enemy has used religion to try to squash, hold back, and hold down half of God’s kingdom through manipulative, controlling, religious teaching and rules for God’s women. Some religious leaders have even gone to an extreme of misusing and abusing God’s daughters in God’s house. So to the Bible we go, not to the world, not to our society or generation, and not to religion. Please join me on this journey and let’s grow together!


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20 Ways to Overcome Holiday Stress


Holidays can be stressful. We weren’t made for stress. Stress is harmful to us. It negatively affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally. It can overwhelm our personal wellbeing and strain our relationships. Christmas is meant to be a time for joy, peace on earth, goodwill to men, but because of stress, Christmas can be a time for fretting, fighting, and fatigue. To get the most out of Christmas, we need to avoid stress.

Here are 20 tips for avoiding holiday stress:

  1. It’s okay to say “no.” Don’t pressure yourself or others to do EVERYTHING.
  2. Start your day looking to God. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you for what to do and how to do it.
  3. Grieving a loss can sneak up on us without us knowing it. Take time to feel. Let God go there are comfort you.
  4. Live within your means. If you can’t afford gifts, limit spending.
  5. Respect traditions – don’t be bound by them. Enjoying Jesus is more important than the pressure of performing.
  6. Communicate stress with loved ones. If there are any cracks, you don’t want the pressure to break you to pieces.
  7. Initially plan alone time and guard it.
  8. If you eat some sugar, choose wisely. Sugar is poison to our body and mind and will wear us out.
  9. Physical activity is a great way to release pressure.
  10. There is nothing better than soaking your spirit with God’s presence.
  11. Are you laughing? Laughing relieves tension. Get around a funny friend. Get around kids. Watch a comedy.
  12. Too much work and no play builds up tension. Get around people and have some fun.
  13. If crowds stress you, shop online or go to stores during slow hours.
  14. Too much Christmas? It’s okay. Take a day and do something not Christmasy.
  15. If you are married, make sure you are getting under the mistletoe. Enough said.
  16. Make Christmas your own. Don’t set unrealistic expectations. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  17. Bump projects. If a task doesn’t have to be done this year, can you bump it to after the holidays?
  18. Inward focus is like an emotional log jam. Giving has joy; it’s good for the giver.
  19. Stress turns emotions up, so get your heart in control of your soul. Keep any drama under.
  20. Get your full sleep. If the body doesn’t rejuvenate, stress is inevitable. A good Christmas means rest!

I hope these are helpful tips for you to overcome holiday stress and enjoy the Christmas season!

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You Can’t Put the Devil in his Place Until You Get Into Yours

We need to know who we are in Christ Jesus.

  1. We need more than an intellectual understanding. We need a spiritual understanding.
  2. It’s the Holy Spirit that uncovers spiritual mysteries to the humble in heart.
  3. God wants us to experience a rushing of His love and a flood of His power.

We need to put the devil in his place.

  1. The devil is defeated because Jesus whooped Him through the cross and resurrection.
  2. When we yielded to Christ, our union placed us in position with Christ in God.
  3. Jesus delegated His authority to us. God, in all His power, backs up the name of Jesus.
  4. As we continue to yield to Christ, we take our place of authority and take action.

In Jesus, we always win!

I Corinthians 15:57 “But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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When God Leads Us Through Leaders

Here I am – boxes on boxes stacked around me. Most of our things are being prepared to be moved into storage, and I have to be moved out in three weeks.

Recently my husband approached me with an idea, “I think it’s time to sell the house.” Selling the house was not something I was thinking about, but I checked my heart, and I sensed the Holy Spirit confirming it was the right thing to do. When Jerry knew I was in agreement with him, he called a realtor. Before I knew it, our house was in contract and we were going to double our investment.

This doesn’t mean we haven’t had problems to solve or conflicts to navigate through over the past couple of weeks. Jerry is an aggressive man and he works hard to get things done. When I know I can’t do what he’s asking, I have to let him know. We work it out. That’s what we do when we are committed to one another.

The world often misses the Bible’s teaching on authority in the home. It’s seen as an antiquated idea that the husband is the leader of the wife. Unfortunately, some of the Christian church has made mistakes in teaching the subject of authority in the home. No wonder many Christians, especially in the United States, struggle with the concept of the husband having authority over the wife. However, it is a Bible truth, and there is a blessing with it.

I know how to hear God’s voice in my spirit.

I have experienced God’s leading in my heart.

Yet there have been times where God has decided to lead me by leading my husband.

Jerry knows I am spiritual, I am smart, and I have an inner strength. Yet, when God is speaking to my husband about our family, Jerry asks me to yield my strength and follow his leading as my husband. The yielding of strength requires the quality of meekness.

My husband loves me and cares about me. He values my input. He wants my participation. He’s not a dictator. He doesn’t use threats. When there has been conflict, we work together to resolve it. When there has been a problem, we work together to find a solution. We communicate. We get a plan. Sometimes it takes some compromise to get on the same page about the details. He’s not perfect, he’s human; but He’s God’s leader for me. When I honor that God-given role, God has access to move in our marriage, even though there have been mistakes. God’s anointing flows where there is unity. The unity is more important than the things we’ve done or haven’t done. The unity is necessary for the anointing.

Meekness is a quality we all should have; it’s a characteristic of Christ. It’s also a characteristic Peter mentions for wives, a quality he writes as being “precious in the sight of God.” God made women to be strong and capable, so to be able to follow the leading of a husband does require meekness.

My husband is also my pastor. There have been times when he has had a leading from God about the church that I haven’t. God doesn’t always directly tell me about His leading, but He does indirectly tell me by telling my leader, my pastor. It’s a blessing to have God leading our leaders in our church, but it does require trust. It does require submission.

For people who have been manipulated in their past, trust can be difficult. For people who have been disappointed in the past, submission can be a challenge. Making a commitment or staying faithful can be a struggle. God wants us to know His blessings, and part of that blessing is found in being able to trust God’s delegated authority.

God leads leaders so that our leaders can lead us. It’s important that we honor and receive the gifts God has given to us.

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