Planting and Uprooting

Sometimes God has to uproot something or someone before He can add growth to your life or ministry. When someone or something needs to be removed, it could simply be because of misplacement. Not everyone has the same vision or values, and that’s okay. God can transplant people within His kingdom according to His purpose.

Uprooting could also be because of something unhealthy, so don’t grieve the changes for too long. God knows what is best for the growth of His church. If you try to hang on and keep what God is trying to remove, you could be clinging onto trouble and find yourself actually working against God’s future plans for His church.

It is true that sometimes there is a spiritual battle where an evil spirit is trying to destroy a church. If so, we can take authority over the spirit, pray for God’s power, and warn the people of the enemy’s plot. Sometimes people uproot themselves or try to uproot others as they leave. If this is the case, we can do what is necessary to correct and protect the church. Sometimes an uprooting is from God’s hand, and just need to let it happen. If it is God’s doing, then we should embrace the change and expect growth and fruit to eventually be the result.

People come and go, but if you are obeying God, then you can have confidence through change.

Matthew 15:13 “Every plant which My heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted.”

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