There’s a rightness of the spirit
Where we sense we are complete
We have wholeness and fulfillment
Everything we know is peace

What is broken will be mended
What is wrong will yield to right
What is lacking will be filled
What is hidden, brought to light

What is hurting will find healing
What is tortured will be freed
What is hungry will be satisfied
What is shamed will be redeemed

What is lonely is befriended
What is afraid will be secure
What is discarded will be honored
What is doubted will be sure

What is grieving will find comfort
What is tired will find rest
What is barren will have new life
What is upright will be blessed

There’s communion in our worship
We are found and we are known
It’s not a place that we have longed for-
It’s His presence that’s our “home”

More than with Him, we are in Him
We are melded to His heart
Created to find life in Him
Never meant to be apart

In the spirit we can know Him
What is precious; what is true
Eyes to see and ears to hear
With the Holy Spirit we pursue

There’s a rightness of the spirit
The human mind can’t comprehend
The carnal can’t achieve
The eccentric can’t transcend

There’s a rightness of the spirit
Pride cannot control
Emotions cannot altar
And religion can’t pinhole

There’s a rightness of the spirit
It’s more than atmosphere
It’s the glory of His presence
We can say that, “God is here.”

– Melanie Stone

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