The Christ Follower STARTS the Day in Worship

Jesus called His disciples to FOLLOW Him. When we position ourselves as a follower, we also give recognition to Jesus as our leader. We become dependent, surrendered, obedient. If I’m serving Jesus, then I’m going to go to Him in prayer; and in prayer, hopefully there is love, relationship, and intimacy that creates worship. To know Him is to eagerly want to be in His presence and express the revelation we have of His greatness and His mercy.

Not everyone follows Christ from a heart of worship. Some follow Christ out of duty. A true follower enjoys the nearness of their loving Lord, waiting for the morning to awake to see Him and know His embrace.

Psalm 17:15 “…I will be fully satisfied when I awake to find myself seeing Your likeness.”

One of the best ways to start a day is to play worship music, sing, or even just soak in an atmosphere of worship. We’re not following a boss or a dictator; we’re following the One we love and the One who loves us.

Psalm 143:8 “Cause me to hear Your lovingkindness in the morning, for in You do I trust…”

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