The Good Wife: What is Good?

There is a television show called “The Good Wife.” I’ve never seen it, but I did google it. It’s about a woman who goes back to work as a litigator for a law firm after her husband, a former state attorney, was publicly humiliated in a sex scandal and thrown behind bars for corruption. I suppose she is considered good because she chooses to step up after her life has been devastated.

Lately, the phrase “The Good Wife” has been rolling around in my spirit. A “good” person is a term that often refers to the person who makes right choices and does the right things. No one is perfect but God alone, but most of us, especially of the household of faith, want to be good and do good. Hopefully we are aware that any goodness comes from being placed in a righteous position with our Good Father through Jesus Christ.

Good is also an adjective of someone who is qualified for a position. When someone dates a person, there is an attraction; but when someone marries a person, it is because they think that person is a good choice for the role of a spouse. We believe that person has qualities to be a good wife or husband, a good companion, a good co-parent, a good financial contributor, a good home manager, and a good person. That person is approved for our standards as a partner in life, someone that will make life pleasant and beneficial. That person is someone we desire to do life with, a good choice.

For the next several weeks, I believe the Lord will have me share about His idea of what a “good” wife is. These entries will not be about being the perfect wife, because that does not exist – neither does the perfect husband. Personally, I’ve had my good moments and my not-so-good moments; I’ve even had some bad moments. Maybe you feel like you could improve as a wife, or maybe you feel like you’ve failed as a wife.  I have good news – “The Good Wife” is the woman who wants to learn what God defines as “good” and allows God to equip and empower her to be and do and have His best for her life.

My perspective of “The Good Wife” will come from scripture, not from culture. Number one, the world’s standard of good and God’s standard of good are two different things. The Bible and the world will always be different. If we compare our generation to the Bible, thinking the Bible is outdated, we have negated the power of the Gospel. Number two, the idea that society is evolving from generation to generation is not necessarily true in every aspect of development. Sure, we’ve built on the knowledge, experience, and hard work of a previous generation to where our technology has gone farther than ever before, our medical treatments are more advanced, and some political liberties have been won. However, goodness is dependent on the condition of the heart, and morally, goodness comes from God, not evolution. Number three, scripture and religion are not the same thing. Religion is a term I use to describe the human being’s attempt to dominate someone else using guilt, shame, and fear. The enemy has used religion to try to squash, hold back, and hold down half of God’s kingdom through manipulative, controlling, religious teaching and rules for God’s women. Some religious leaders have even gone to an extreme of misusing and abusing God’s daughters in God’s house. So to the Bible we go, not to the world, not to our society or generation, and not to religion. Please join me on this journey and let’s grow together!


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