God’s Power to Resurrect What Died In You

DSC_0133 sm900In this life, when you were young or confused or weak or hurting, you were vulnerable to the enemy; you may not have even known it. The world is a lot smaller when you are less mature. Your perspective is more narrow, and options can be hidden from your sight. If the enemy got in and took advantage of you, he was taking a risk in his attempt to take you out, knowing that one day you could return stronger and smarter.

The enemy knows the heart of the Father is to pursue to restore those who have been violated, broken, abandoned, rejected, intimidated, and abused. Jesus shared the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10. In this story, the Samaritan finds the battered person, not only robbed and beaten, but also passed by influential, capable religious leaders. He valued this Jew with great worth, not someone to be tossed aside and left to decay and die.

Those who feel as if their future has been wrecked, their innocence has been stolen,  their dreams have died – these are the ones God goes after. The enemy know that God has the power to resurrect, and in that resurrection a person bursts forth from a grave with strength, fortitude, faith, discernment, understanding, and boldness! This resurrected person now has the power to not only overcome his or her enemy, but to crush him under his or her feet. The day a person is restored is the day the enemy regrets his decision to abuse or harm the son or daughter of God.

When Jesus died on the cross, His hope in dying was a Father who had the power to bring Him back to life. If God can reach down into the depths, grab ahold of His sacrificed Son, pull Him up from a pit, and raise Him up to life, then God can do the same for you.

  • Psalm 139 tells us there is not a place any of us can go where the hand of our Father cannot reach us.
  • Ezekiel 34 reveals that there is not a person who can devour us so badly that our Father cannot rescue, protect, and heal us.
  • Luke 7 shows us that there is not a sin so dark or deep that Jesus would not walk into the room to forgive and love.

Death could not hold Jesus, and your past cannot hold you. Pain was temporary. Shame was covered. Guilt was removed. Fear was stopped. Death has been swallowed up with victory. Death, where is your sting? When Jesus felt the power of His Father’s hand lifting Him up from the grave, it wasn’t just for the salvation from our sin or someone else’s sin; it was for resurrecting us from whatever tries to hold us down. If God will send His Son to die for our sins, then we should have confidence that our Father is in pursuit of restoring us from the effects of a world gone wrong. Our Father doesn’t want us wallowing around with our heads bowed down, bound up by the enemy.

Some of you are still tied up by grave clothes and God is saying, “Loose her! Loose him!” Come out of that grave! Don’t look at the people who hurt you or the mistakes you made. Burn those bridges. Focus on Jesus. No one else has the resurrection power you need. Rise up! Be strong! Be healed! You aren’t a victim anymore. You are not prey. You are not the lie someone tried to make you believe. Leave those liars in their snake pit. Shake them off. Jesus has lifted up to seat in heavenly places with Him.  Let Him lift you.

Don’t rise up in your own strength; rise up in His strength. If you struggle with your goodness, the world won’t see His goodness. If you try to stand on your performance, the world won’t see His performance. Let Him do exceedingly and abundantly more than what you could ever do on your own. Let the enemy be sorry that he ever messed with you. You have come back from the grave he tried to bury you in. Give God glory in the testimony of His resurrection power in your life. Shine!

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