Two Things I Refuse to Juggle

Right now my focus is on preparing for the Freedom House church plant, overseeing our resource website, and relocating to Lexington, Kentucky. One of my responsibilities in all three of these areas is administration. As you can imagine, I am handling dozens of tasks each day, which is where the reference to “juggling” comes in. I have several task lists to help me to keep from dropping any balls, and I usually keep moving so I don’t lose momentum.

However, there are two things that I refuse to throw into my juggling routine. The first one is God. He is not on my task list as something that takes a part of my day. He is a presence in my life that is constant. He is like the air that I breathe. I love Him, and I cherish our relationship. I also know that He is there to help me, so I continually look to Him with each ball that is in the air that day, relying on Him for direction, strength, and anointing to perform the task.

The second is my husband. I love him. I am extremely attracted to him in every way, and I enjoy sharing my time with him. Sometimes when I’m busy juggling and keeping up with my momentum, he interrupts. However, Jerry is a pleasant distraction, and I never want him to feel that what I do is more important than he is. Furthermore, I respect our relationship as partners in life and ministry, and he respects me. We work together, but if I’m working apart from him, I might find myself straying from the leadership he provides as the head of our home and as the lead pastor of our church. Our relationship is valuable not just because of what we do, but because of who we are to each other. I also know that he tries to be sensitive not to pull me away from my responsibilities and attempts to keep me from taking on too much. I’m not always good at letting go, but I admit I need his help in setting boundaries with my time.

In addition to God and to Jerry, I also will drop my balls for my adult children, or I’ll rearrange my juggling as the Spirit leads me to. As an administrator, I see myself as a steward of time, resources, and people. I know there are severe consequences to be paid if the details are neglected. However, I know that God cares about the things that I care about, even if it seems to be the small stuff. I also know God is there with His grace to accomplish more than I ever could on my own. I also realize that my husband has vision to help me be more efficient in meeting our goals. Jerry helps me to enjoy life, to laugh, and to trust God when I don’t know what’s around the corner.

One thing that I’ve observed that both God and Jerry have in common – they like to surprise me with good things. As regimented as I can be, I love the unexpected blessing. I love an adventure. I love to be swept away.

God and Jerry are definitely unjuggleable. 🙂

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