What Makes a Kingdom Builder

In I Corinthians 3:1-17, Paul compares church planting and pastoring to construction. God is the architect, the people are the building, Paul was the foundation guy, and others were builders on the foundation of Jesus Christ. In verse 9 Paul says, “We are God’s fellow workers… you are God’s building.” People that help build and grow churches are Kingdom Builders, building together for the King they all serve.

As Jerry and I set out to plant Freedom House Church in Lexington, Kentucky, I think about the ones who are giving to help us get started. I see them as Kingdom Builders, working together with us because they want to help expand the cause of Christ. These are some common characteristics that I see in the people giving to Freedom House:

A Kingdom Builder has God’s heart and vision to reach more people. Our contributors have a heart to give God what HE wants. God wants to plant churches that will reach out to the ones His Son died for. People who give to church planting want to see a new church in a community that will reach out to the lost and the hurting and bring them to salvation and wholeness.

A Kingdom Builder realizes they are part of something bigger than them. Christians with a Kingdom Builder mentality realize that the Church that belongs to Jesus Christ is bigger than their local church and goes beyond their city, their state and their nation. The Kingdom of God has members in nations around the globe, and we’re growing. A Kingdom Builder wants to help build more churches that will reach more people to expand an increasing kingdom.

A Kingdom Builder has Jesus as their King. Jerry and I know that people love us and want to help us, but more than that, I believe that people are giving to the Freedom House church plant because they love Jesus. Jesus is what we all have in common in the family of God. When Jesus is the Lord of someone’s life, that person will not only listen to Christ, they also will obey Him. The obey Him and give because they love Him.

A Kingdom Builder wants to see development. We once lived next to a plot of land where someone was building a new home. We enjoyed watching the process. We saw the foundation laid, the electrical system put in, the framework go up and the roof and walls put on. When people give to Freedom House, I believe they enjoy watching the process. That is why we spend a lot of our time communicating. We have a monthly newsletter, Jerry has a weekly update on his blog, and we try to make daily posts on social media. It’s fun to take the journey together. It’s exciting to see the grace of God meeting every challenge and every need as we move forward. We get to do that together.

A Kingdom Builder wants to see results. The date we have set to launch the church is September 15, 2013. On that day, we anticipate a crowd of people coming to Freedom House Church to connect with God and with one another. To prepare for those people, we will have a church that is ready for them. We’ll be ready because Kingdom Builders gave to them before they ever got there. We’ll have our kids ministry in place, a cafe and information center in the foyer, and an environment of expression in our sanctuary with lights, sound, and visual graphics. We’ll have signage to direct them, we’ll have printed material to inform them, we’ll have ministry to serve them. We’ll be ready for them because Kingdom Builders helped to prepare that place for them and for God. We look forward to the day we can post pictures of our launch for the people who gave so they can see the results of their investment in Christ’s kingdom. We want to share the stories of the people who receive Christ, who find friendships, who receive wholeness and healing, who find strength their marriage and families, who find a place to serve, ¬†and who find freedom!

When you give to help plant Freedom House Church in Lexington, Kentucky, you are part of the dream team that will share in the celebration of lives changed. Thank you for being a Kingdom Builder!

To give to Freedom House Church, please click here. Thank you!

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