How Satan Tries to Steal: Distraction (Part 2)

Satan wants to steal your VOICE.

Satan wants to steal your INFLUENCE.

Satan wants to steal your EFFECTIVENESS.

I think much more on God and His love for me than I do on Satan and his hatred for me, which is how I think I should be. However, if I don’t recognize my enemy, that is foolishness on my part. Jesus came to give me abundant life, and I celebrate it. Satan comes to try to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). If I recognize that, then I can stand against it. If I don’t recognize it, then what will I know to come against? We have to know to identify the tactics of the enemy and defeat him through the power of God and the authority we have in Jesus Christ.

One way Satan tries to silence our voice, diminish our influence, and hurt our effectiveness is through DISTRACTION. A distraction is something that divides our attention, pulling us in a direction other than the journey we’re called to take.

A distraction could be a relationship. You may like the thought of doing life with a person or persons, but what if that journey is not the one God has called you to? God has called us to love everyone, but He hasn’t called us to walk the same path as everyone. We have eternity for relationships; we have only a window in this lifetime for our voice, influence and effectiveness. Use it wisely.

A distraction could be a good opportunity. Good money, good position, good times… good is not always “God.” Our values need to be placed on the love we have for God and the eternal worth our obedience has. Busyness can keep you from fulfilling your call. Remember how Martha let busyness keep her from the opportunity to sit at the feet of our Redeemer. Martha was distracted, Jesus said. Good things were pulling her for a God thing. Mary threw everything else aside that day – nothing mattered more to her than sitting at His feet (Luke 10:38-42).

A distraction could be feelings of responsibility. Jesus said, “The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force.” There have been occasions where I had to choose whether God’s kingdom would be my priority, or someone in need would be my priority. Then I discovered that putting God’s kingdom first is being responsible for others. If I don’t carry the fire, then I have nothing to give.

A distraction could be disappointment. I know people who want to believe God, but they doubt back and forth. I see them try, and I see them disappointed if they don’t get the results they want. Their disappointment pulls them away from God’s best. I believe doubt happens when the soul is trumping the heart. When emotions or a natural knowledge dominate a heart of faith, a person is flipped upside down. When we choose to give our heart the upper hand, then the soul has to come under, where it is supposed to be.

A distraction could be an offense. When someone is offended, they often withdrawal or turn their back on their relationships and commitments. Walking in a forgiving love will guard your purpose and keep you on track with God’s purpose for your life.

A distraction could be an attraction. An attraction is like what we see happening with a magnet – it’s a drawing to come near. Some attractions are right; they draw you to things you should be involved with. However, if an attraction to a person, a project, a place, or other interest goes against God’s will for you; then it is a temptation that you should turn away from. Don’t let attraction become a distraction. You decide what you follow after. Be drawn by the Holy Spirit and the plan God has for your life.

Satan cannot steal what you refuse to give up. Stay focused. Keep your eyes on your prize of winning your race. Isaiah used the phrase, “I have set My face like flint” when describing the determination of Jesus Christ to stay on target and finish His course. Cut the cords of the distractions that are trying to pull you in other directions. Know your purpose, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, bring your voice, influence, and effectiveness in alignment to achieve your destiny!


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