What We Want for our Launch Team

The launch team is the group of people that will come together to help launch a new church plant. Jerry and I often talk about the environment we want to have for this special group that will work together with us. We don’t want to have to wait until the launch day of our church to begin to form this atmosphere. Jerry and I plan on having weekly prelaunch gatherings where the heart of the church will begin to take shape. Here are eight things that we want for our launch team:

1. To encounter God’s presence. Above all else, we want God in the house! It’s His house. It’s His church. Without Him, we’re just renting space. He is not merely our guest – He is our Father, our Lord, our Creator, our Life, our God. He should be our focus, and we want people to experience Him.

2. To grow in Christ. Whatever level someone is at, we want him or her to be able to become more like Christ in character, in wisdom, in knowledge and in power. God is about life and growth and changing the world around us.

3. To experience the Holy Spirit. We are not only open to the Holy Spirit having His way; we are also continually pursuing Him to have His way. We want our team to experience the anointing of the Spirit to bring transformation in our lives.

4. To know God’s Word. The truth helps us to live in the life of God. We want the Word of God to be spoken, discussed and applied in the honor that God Himself is deserving of. We believe that knowing the truth will also guard people from error, keeping them sound in their life in Christ. The truth of God’s Word will heal and restore, build and release.

5. To form life-giving relationships. Healthy relationships have integrity. Healthy relationships celebrate each other. Healthy relationships resolve conflict. Healthy relationships never come to an end.

6. To belong. We want our team to genuinely value one another as part of a spiritual family. Together we share a bond of love that has unity, safety, strength, provision and peace.

7. To find expression and creativity. God has given each of us gifts to express what He has done and is doing in us and through us. It’s through creativity that others are attracted and interested in what we have to offer. We want people to have the freedom to be who they are.

8. To celebrate salvations and lives changed. When we serve together, we celebrate together. We celebrate our church and we celebrate our God.

Jerry and I are praying for our launch team. We know God is working now, behind the scenes, to gather people together for His purpose. We love them even before we’ve met some of them. In my heart, I can sense that it is going to be amazing.

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2 Responses to What We Want for our Launch Team

  1. Mark Harper says:

    This is really good Melanie. We are praying for you and Jerry!

  2. Eric Mann says:

    I like this, and I’m really excited about what’s going on with you both. The song “Deep Cries Out” speaks of stirring up deep, deep wells, deep waters, and I think of this when I read your recent testimonies. God has already constructed a deep well of love between you two, and He’s digging deeper, so that rivers of life-giving water can flow out to an even greater mass of starving, thirsty people. (John 7:37-39, Matthew 14:16)

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