When God Leads Us Through Leaders

Here I am – boxes on boxes stacked around me. Most of our things are being prepared to be moved into storage, and I have to be moved out in three weeks.

Recently my husband approached me with an idea, “I think it’s time to sell the house.” Selling the house was not something I was thinking about, but I checked my heart, and I sensed the Holy Spirit confirming it was the right thing to do. When Jerry knew I was in agreement with him, he called a realtor. Before I knew it, our house was in contract and we were going to double our investment.

This doesn’t mean we haven’t had problems to solve or conflicts to navigate through over the past couple of weeks. Jerry is an aggressive man and he works hard to get things done. When I know I can’t do what he’s asking, I have to let him know. We work it out. That’s what we do when we are committed to one another.

The world often misses the Bible’s teaching on authority in the home. It’s seen as an antiquated idea that the husband is the leader of the wife. Unfortunately, some of the Christian church has made mistakes in teaching the subject of authority in the home. No wonder many Christians, especially in the United States, struggle with the concept of the husband having authority over the wife. However, it is a Bible truth, and there is a blessing with it.

I know how to hear God’s voice in my spirit.

I have experienced God’s leading in my heart.

Yet there have been times where God has decided to lead me by leading my husband.

Jerry knows I am spiritual, I am smart, and I have an inner strength. Yet, when God is speaking to my husband about our family, Jerry asks me to yield my strength and follow his leading as my husband. The yielding of strength requires the quality of meekness.

My husband loves me and cares about me. He values my input. He wants my participation. He’s not a dictator. He doesn’t use threats. When there has been conflict, we work together to resolve it. When there has been a problem, we work together to find a solution. We communicate. We get a plan. Sometimes it takes some compromise to get on the same page about the details. He’s not perfect, he’s human; but He’s God’s leader for me. When I honor that God-given role, God has access to move in our marriage, even though there have been mistakes. God’s anointing flows where there is unity. The unity is more important than the things we’ve done or haven’t done. The unity is necessary for the anointing.

Meekness is a quality we all should have; it’s a characteristic of Christ. It’s also a characteristic Peter mentions for wives, a quality he writes as being “precious in the sight of God.” God made women to be strong and capable, so to be able to follow the leading of a husband does require meekness.

My husband is also my pastor. There have been times when he has had a leading from God about the church that I haven’t. God doesn’t always directly tell me about His leading, but He does indirectly tell me by telling my leader, my pastor. It’s a blessing to have God leading our leaders in our church, but it does require trust. It does require submission.

For people who have been manipulated in their past, trust can be difficult. For people who have been disappointed in the past, submission can be a challenge. Making a commitment or staying faithful can be a struggle. God wants us to know His blessings, and part of that blessing is found in being able to trust God’s delegated authority.

God leads leaders so that our leaders can lead us. It’s important that we honor and receive the gifts God has given to us.

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