Why I Love This Man

I love doing life with Jerry Stone. Let me tell you three of many reasons why.

1. He loves me.
This Thursday we will have been married 26 years. In the early years, like most young couples, we had some issues to work through. I’m glad that Jerry never gave up on me as I faced some of my dysfunction and pain, as I struggled with my identity as a woman in ministry, as God confronted my fear of men and authority, as I wrestled with God’s plan for my life, as I fought both receiving and giving love, and as I learned to trust and surrender to what God was undoing and doing in me. Jerry didn’t know what he was getting into when he married me, but I’m eternally grateful that he never gave up on me. God has done a lot in our lives and in our marriage, and over the years, God has woven us together with strong-knit ties that happen only after going through life together – celebrating the joys, grieving the sorrows, and experiencing God’s faithfulness.

2. He has a passion for God’s purpose
A few weeks ago, God talked with me about Jerry. He showed me how strongly Jerry wanted to obey Him and accomplish the plan that God had for our lives. The Lord told me, “Jerry is willing to give away everything he owns if it meant fulfilling his purpose.” I thought for a moment, and I totally agreed – yes, if it meant fulfilling his purpose, Jerry would give or do anything necessary for the call on his life. He has lived his whole life that way. The more he has, the more he will give. The more influence he has, the more he will do. Who he is, what he has, and what he can do means nothing to him in comparison to God having His way in his life. Jerry is willing to be challenged. He is willing to be tested. He is willing to wait if it means God is with him on a journey to more ministry. He is always looking for the next adventure with God, believing God to do more than imaginable, always with the attitude “Here I am, send me.”

3. He leads by serving.
Recently the Lord also told me that Jerry is a servant-leader. Again, I agreed. Jerry is happiest after he serves someone else. Jerry is most satisfied when he is able to give to someone else. He wants to see other people reach their potential, and that includes me. He honors the gifts and the anointing on others. He loves teamwork. He loves unity. Because Jerry cares about the people he serves, what grieves him the most is when there is disunity, disrespect, or self-promotion. A person’s ability or skill is not nearly as valuable to us as sharing the same values of humility and honor.

In addition, at the beginning of the year, God gave me some firm instruction concerning Jerry. Jerry is a big-picture guy, and I am the step-by-step girl. I think we make a good team.  I have more of an administrative gift, so I keep track of our personal budget on a weekly basis. The Lord said to me, “Your husband is a giver. You need to free him to give.” The Lord showed me that I was to add a new category to our personal budget, allocating money for Jerry to give away. Jerry will not give something away if he feels that our family needs it. And as an administrator, my desire is to serve, not to stifle. When I told Jerry what the Lord said to me, his eyes got big and bright and a smile ran a mile long on his face. “Yes! Let’s do that,” he said. I love to hear the stories each month of how Jerry gives to others in need. He loves to give, and Jerry loves to serve – not to be known, but so that someone else can know God like we know Him.

I love doing life with Jerry Stone. As his wife and as a co-pastor, I’m by his side and ready for what’s ahead!

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