You Can Know Christ This Christmas

God told Joseph (Mary’s husband) in a dream, “…they shall call His name Immanuel, which is translated, “God with us.” Matthew 1:23

God is with us. You may wonder how you can know Him if you don’t hear His voice or see His face. You may be going through difficulty and question where He is when you need His help. You can know Christ this Christmas.

1. God is there

When someone is not there for us, it sends us the message that we’re not valued by that person. In the emptiness of their absence, a person could feel forgotten, tossed aside, and forsaken. But that is not our God! Our God is “there!” He’s there because He considers us to be of the highest worth- a value that was worth sending His Son to die for us.

God never turned His back on us. God never abandoned us as orphans. God has always been there. It was our turning away that separated us from God. We stopped relying on Him and starting rely on ourselves. God sent Jesus to suffer the punishment of our transgression, making it possible for us to choose to return to Him as His children.

2. No One is God but God

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to let our negative experiences with people be a contributor to the way we view the character of our Heavenly Father. Whether a person is a peer, a subordinate, or an authority – they are not our source of life, love, or happiness. Whether a person is born again Christian, not a Christian, or even a religious leader – they are not a perfect representation of God for us; they can’t be.

God is the only one who completes us, and to look to another person to complete us would be an error on our part.

3. You know God from your heart

Because God is a spirit, someone who doesn’t understand how to connect with God through the spirit could easily assume that God is aloof, absent, and unavailable. One who does not know God in the spirit could incorrectly conclude that God is uncaring and indifferent – even condemning and judgmental.

We have a mind that is conditioned to function in a natural world, a world that is tangible, logical, and limited to human knowledge. However, we are spiritual beings and we can know God from our heart. The same way that you get that “gut feeling” that tells you something is right or wrong is the same way you can know God – a knowing in your spirit.

If you are a Christian, and you have a need today, go to God and spend some time seeking Him from your heart. He is there. Receive whatever you need from Him.

If you want to know God and receive eternal life today, open your heart, pray to God and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Thank Him for sending Jesus and surrender your life to Him. He will not only be with you, but He will enter your heart, make it new, and begin a relationship with you.

God is with us!


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